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FASD Services

Diagnosis, Support, and Education

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Informed

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Mission: Moving the Invisible to Invincible

Mission: Moving the Invisible to Invincible

At I 2 I FASD Services we are committed to serving individuals and families on their journey from diagnosis, to understanding FASDs, to designing supports and accommodations specific to each person for home, school, and work environments. Additionally, I 2 I is committed to educating professionals and community members about FASD because FASD impacts everyone.

FASD is a mostly invisible disability



FASD is an umbrella term for at least 4 separate diagnoses. Here at I 2 I FASD Services we specialize in diagnosing Neurodevolpmental Disorder Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure or ND-PAE or Unspecified Neurodevelopmental Disorder

According to the CDC:

  • ND-PAE was first included as a recognized condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM 5) of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in 2013
  • A child or youth with ND-PAE will have problems in three areas:
    1. Thinking and memory, where the child may have trouble planning or may forget material he or she has already learned
    2. Behavior problems, such as severe tantrums, mood issues (for example, irritability), and difficulty shifting attention from one task to another
    3. Trouble with day-to-day living, which can include problems with bathing, dressing for the weather, and playing with other children
  • To be diagnosed with ND-PAE, the mother of the child must have consumed more than minimal levels of alcohol before the child’s birth, which APA defines as more than 13 alcoholic drinks per month of pregnancy (that is, any 30-day period of pregnancy) or more than 2 alcoholic drinks in one sitting

The Model

At I 2 I FASD Services we use a multidisciplinary model of diagnosis. We synthesize all diagnostic information provided by the individual or family from outside providers and supplement that information with first hand observations, interviews, and assessments.

We use the SDRC model developed by

Dr. Elizabeth Cleveland

The Requirements

Families will be required to provide information to support the diagnosis

  1. Proof of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). This can be a written explanation from the birth mother or people with first hand knowledge. **

2. Any medical information and/or genetic testing results to rule out any other

possible causes for the symptoms reported and/or observed

3. Reports from other providers such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy,

Mental Health Providers, Behaviorists, etc...

**If proof of PAE can not be provided, a separate diagnosis could be offered

The Outcome

Once all the data is provided and analyzed, I 2 I will:

1. Complete a comprehensive report with conclusions, recommendations, and a list of

individualized supports and accommodations.

2. If supported, possibly provide a diagnosis of ND-PAE (Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure) or Unspecified Neurodevelopmental


3. Provide one virtual meeting for up to 60 minutes to review the report and




Once an individual receives an FASD (or a presumed FASD) diagnosis, they will need FASD-informed support and services. Here at I 2 I we are prepared to help get you started. With resources, caregiver education and/or direct speech therapy services, we can help you on your way to finding the best way to accommodate and support the unique strengths and needs of you or your person with an FASD.

**Support services are provided for an additional fee. They are not part of the diagnostic package.


We will help you find and connect with resources for:

1. Agencies or organizations near you to help you on your journey to learn about and

understand the complexities of FASD.

2. Ways to create a supportive home environment.

3. Supporting schools (teachers, staff, and administration) in working with you and

your individual on the FASD spectrum to design and implement

the proper accommodations and strategies for success

4. Supporting employers in designing and implementing the best

supports and accommodations for success.

Caregiver Education

We will help you by assisting you with one or more of the following:

  1. Finding resources near you to support you and your family.

2. Help you on your journey to learn about and understand the complexities of FASD.

3. Help you create a supportive home environment

4. Work with you and your school or place of employment to design and

implement the best supports and accommodations for success.


If you choose to pursue therapy services with us, we will provide you with FASD-informed speech-language pathology interventions and supports using a coaching based model of intervention. The following services can be utilized:

  1. With your support and the information from the communication assessment, we will identify communication or language-based goals for you and your individual on the spectrum. Once goals are created we will get you started on reaching those goals

2. Any identified executive functioning skill needs will be addressed

and supported

Trainings & Education

Trainings & Education

Liz Kriston provides education, information, and professional development to empower as many audiences as possible. She utilizes dynamic and engaging presentations with the aim to make people knowledgeable and passionate about FASDs so that we can all work together to provide the required support and accommodations to those who are touched by FASD as well as increase prevention through knowledge.

Liz incorporates her professional and personal experiences in her talks. Her knowledge is shared with a healthy dose of humor and passion which create a learning opportunity like none other.

Liz tailors her powerful presentations for the audience including but not limited to :

1. Teachers

2. Parents/Caregivers

3. Social Workers

4. Psychologists

5. Behaviorist

6. Occupational Therapists

7. Speech Langauge Pathologists

8. Foster & Adoptive Care

9. Law enforcement, parole officers, lawyers, judges

10. College students

11. Highschool students

12. Physical therapists


Fees & Payment

Fees & Payment

  • Please contact I 2 I for fees (lizredheadkriston@gmail.com)
  • Speaking fees vary depending on the venue (In-person speaking may require a stipend as well as travel expenses)
  • *Speech therapy consultation services are available hourly or for 6-week blocks and one fee provides up to 60 minutes a week of services
  • *Direct therapy delivered virtually is a separate fee from consultation
  • Payment is due before services are rendered. Please contact I 2 I for types of payment accepted

*In-person services may be available to individuals in or near Polk County, NC

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Contact Us

Contact Us



About Us

About Us

Elizabeth (Liz) Redhead Kriston earned her Master of Science in the area of communication sciences. She is a licensed and board-certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Over her 25 years as a medical professional, Liz has become an expert in FASD through hundreds of hours of education and personal experience. Liz has spent her career working with the pediatric population from birth through high school and is excited to support adults as well.

Liz supports an individual with an FASD everyday. This provides her the impetus and first-hand knowledge that imparts a unique experience for all her audiences as she strives to educate others

about FASD in order to expand the resources

available in all types of settings.

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Licensed in


ASHA Certified SLP

Licensed in


ASHA Certified SLP






Collaborative Project

A cross-organization international initiative to increase high-quality support and training options for the FASD community.

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